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Why You Should Retain a Tax Attorney

If you find yourself facing a tax controversy with the IRS, it is crucial to consider retaining a highly skilled and experienced tax attorney. The complexities and intricacies of tax law can be overwhelming for an ordinary individual; thus, relying on a professional who specializes in this field becomes imperative.
A proficient tax attorney possesses comprehensive knowledge of the ever-changing regulations and guidelines enforced by the IRS. This expertise enables them to navigate through audits, negotiate favorable terms for offers in compromise or installment agreements, and even represent clients in U.S. Tax Court if necessary. With their extensive experience handling tax disputes, they are equipped to strategize and provide effective solutions tailored specifically to your unique circumstances.
Furthermore, a capable tax attorney can assist you in avoiding potential pitfalls that could lead to severe consequences such as substantial penalties or criminal charges related to taxes. By employing their services, you gain access to invaluable advice while mitigating risks associated with incorrect filings or missed deadlines. Tax attorneys also excel at resolving more complex issues like tax liens or levies that may have been placed on your assets by the IRS due to outstanding debt owed.
They possess the expertise required to guide you through negotiation processes aimed at removing these burdensome encumbrances from your life swiftly and efficiently. Moreover, if you currently face financial hardship due to circumstances beyond your control which impede paying owed taxes promptly (such as unemployment or medical emergencies), engaging a skillful tax attorney can help determine whether placing your account under "currently not collectible" status is appropriate for your situation.

Practice Areas

  • IRS Tax Resolution

    Tax controversy issues? Resolve your IRS tax problems and get tax relief with an offer-in-compromise, installment agreement, or non-collectible status.

    Tax Collections
    Sales Tax
    Payroll Tax
    Audit Defense
    Tax Levies
    Tax Liens
  • California Tax Resolution

    Do you owe money to the Franchise Tax Board, CDTFA, or EDD? Let me help you get back into compliance and avoid a levy or seizure.

    Tax Collections
    Sales Tax Issues
    Payroll Tax Issues
    Audit Defense
    Tax Levies
    Tax Liens
  • U.S. Tax Court Litigation

    Contest IRS audit examination findings and collection issues without paying your back taxes first

    Audit Disputes
    Collections Disputes
  • Criminal Tax Defense

    Facing criminal charges in state or federal court?

    Tax Evasion
    Tax Fraud
    Willful Failure to File

Dual Licensed Attorney and Enrolled Agent

An attorney is licensed by the state bar of the licensee's respective state and an enrolled agent is a federally authorized tax practitioner who possesses an exceptional level of expertise in the realm of tax resolution. With proficiency in both legal and administrative procedures, these professionals have the unique ability to navigate complex IRS regulations, offering comprehensive solutions for individuals and businesses facing intricate tax challenges.
Their deep understanding of the intricacies within the Internal Revenue Code allows them to provide clients with strategic counsel on matters such as audits, collections, appeals, and other tax-related issues. By merging their legal acumen with specialized knowledge on taxation matters, these practitioners can effectively advocate for their clients' rights while also ensuring compliance with applicable laws. Overall, the combination of being a dual licensed attorney and an enrolled agent grants these professionals unparalleled capabilities in assisting taxpayers seeking professional guidance amidst challenging tax circumstances.


State Bar of California

Admitted to the State Bar of California


United States Tax Court

Admitted to the United States Tax Court


Internal Revenue Service

Admitted to practice before the IRS


  • What is tax controversy?

    Tax controversy is an area of law that involves tax disputes between a taxpayer and the IRS, state, or local tax authorities for the assessment and collection of income, payroll, or sales tax.

  • What does an enrolled agent do?

    An enrolled agent is a highly trained and knowledgeable tax practitioner who has been admitted to practice before the IRS. They are authorized to represent taxpayers in all tax matters, including collections, audits, and appeals. This means that they have the expertise and qualifications to help individuals and businesses resolve any tax issues they may be facing. With their in-depth understanding of tax laws and regulations, enrolled agents can provide valuable guidance and advocacy on your behalf, ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome from your interactions with the IRS. Trust in an enrolled agent to navigate the complexities of the tax system and protect your financial interests.

  • Do you offer a free consultation?

    Yes, I do offer a free consultation to taxpayers in need of assistance with their tax issues. I'm dedicated to helping individuals and businesses navigate the complex world of tax controversies and find the best solutions for their unique situations. During the free consultation, I will discuss your specific tax needs and determine the best course of action for you.